Weird and Wonderful Celebrity Requests and Riders

There are some demanding divas in the music world. Whether they’re appearing on TV shows or performing sell-out concerts, they tend to have a list of things they want in their dressing rooms. Here’s a rundown of some of their weird and wonderful requests:

Mariah Carey
Mariah’s requests are legendary to say the least. She reportedly once asked for 20 white kittens and 100 white doves in her dressing room. She’s also rumoured to have asked for vitamin water, so she could bathe her dogs and an assistant to handle her used chewing gum.

She likes there to be drapes in her dressing room, a three-seater couch in a plain colour, three bottles of chilled chardonnay and a dozen vanilla protein shakes. She’s a big fan of Jo Malone Vanilla candles too. 
Kanye West
It’s alleged that Kanye’s rider insists on Versace towels and that his drivers can only wear clothing that’s 100% cotton. He’s also said to have asked for a barber’s chair, shower shoes and a slushy machine in the past. He often wants an assortment of different beers, vodka and liquor.
Katy Perry
Katy is rumoured to not want her drivers to look her in the eye and wants only pink and white roses and peonies, and white and purple hydrangeas in her dressing room. She hates carnations, so they are a big no-no.

She likes there to be freeze dried strawberries, Blue Corn tortilla chips, salsa, a jar of honey, fresh fruit and chopped vegetables (cucumber, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and celery) in her dressing room, alongside some vitamin water, Twinnings Chamomile, PG tips and Mint medley tea.
It’s claimed that Beyoncé insists her dressing room is 78 degrees and asks for rose scented candles. She apparently likes there to be cayenne pepper seasoned chicken legs, steamed garlic broccoli, white tablecloths on the catering table and four brand new towels in the bathroom.
Madonna apparently asks for white and light pink lilies and roses in her dressing room, and they must have stems that are exactly six inches long. She also wants a brand-new toilet seat fitted, presumably for hygiene reasons.

She has a 200-strong entourage, so she allegedly demands a room for them and access to 20 international phone lines. She likes her dressing room to look like home, so will bring furniture with her. 
In her dressing room Rihanna likes to have blue or black drapes, an animal print rug that she can walk on barefoot and six Archipelago Black Forest candles. Her favourite flowers are white tulips with no foliage.
Adele has very specific requests when it comes to the food in her dressing room. She wants sandwiches that are individually wrapped (including some that are chicken salad), squeezy honey (can’t be organic), a bowl of fresh fruit (but no citrus fruit), ‘best quality’ red wine and six brand new mugs.
Britney Spears
When Britney was performing in London in 2011 it’s alleged she asked for fish and chips, a photo of Princess Diana, 100 figs and prunes, toothpaste and 100 plain beef burgers in her dressing room.
During her Las Vegas residency she asked for 200 new towels, Pop Tarts, Fruit Loops, Doritos and potato salad.
Van Halen
The American hard rock band Van Halen had a demand in their rider when they were touring in the seventies that stated that there was to be no brown M&Ms backstage. If anywhere found they could cancel their show and the promoter would have to pay for refunds. They did this to make sure that venues read their full rider which included important health and safety information. If they found brown M&Ms it would indicate that this hadn’t happened.  

Other requests in their rider included nuts, pretzels and herrings in sour cream. 

*please note that requests and riders are usually confidential, so some are rumours and hearsay*
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