The best places to cure a hangover in Edinburgh

Stop sitting there crying into your cereal, get out and cure your hangover the proper way: with a big Scottish breakfast
“I don’t get why people like brunch. What’s the benefit of combining breakdancing and lunch?” So spoke 30 Rock’s sage-like Tracy Jordan, and he has a point, even if he misses the point. But those of us who think of brunch more as a combination of breakfast and lunch know that it’s something pretty special. It’s eggs, toast, bacon, some kind of fried potato thing, sausages, sometimes pancakes, potentially avocado (if you’re that kind of person) and you can drink with it. Even Mr Jordan would be on board with that. 

So, if you want to combine some lunch (and maybe a mimosa or a bloody Mary) with your breakfast in Edinburgh, here’s where you should be dragging your poor hungover body.
Mimi’s Bakehouse
There are two vital bits of information that you need before taking that hangover into Mimi’s Bakehouse. 1) This is possibly the best breakfast/brunch you can get in Edinburgh. 2) This is a popular spot for parent/toddler clubs. Do what you will with that information but we strongly believe that number 1 outweighs number 2. The fare is traditionally Scottish through and through (except for the French toast, but that princess in Braveheart was French, right?) and the quality is outstanding. The full Scottish is a challenge but one worth taking.

Falko Konditormeister
Something from a little further afield (no, not Glasgow) now. Falko’s is a German bakehouse that has become so popular with the locals that you’ll need to get there closer to ‘br’ than ‘unch’ if you want a table. They’re famous for their cakes and pastries but the more savoury options are also excellent, especially the meat and cheese platter with home-baked pretzels.

The Pantry
The name immediately suggests all sorts of adjectives like “hearty”, “local” and “rustic” and that sums up The Pantry perfectly. The emphasis here is on local produce and it’s a stunning showcase for the farming geniuses around Stockbridge. Not just that, but the kitchen staff at The Pantry obviously care very strongly about how their food tastes and how it looks. If you want somewhere to cure your hangover, treat your stomach and boost your Instagram likes, this is the one.

Urban Angel
The name conjures up images of either a terrible X-Factor girl band or an even worse strip club, but in reality, this is a top-notch Hannover Street brunch spot that could have been lifted straight out of Williamsburg or Shoreditch. Everything is ethically sourced and there’s barely anything on the menu that could even be remotely classed as unhealthy. The difference between Urban Angel and most other guilt-free gastronomy is that everything here tastes amazing, from the nutrient-rich smoothies to the exceptional coffee.

Your brain and liver will take one look at the Roseleaf and balk: “Nope, not a pub. Anything but a pub.” Thankfully, this is no longer a pub, but another of Edinburgh’s mind-boggling array of brunch spots. It gets incredibly busy at weekends, but you can book, so if you know there’s a big night ahead, get on the phone to them in advance. Once you’re settled in, go for the Big Yin. Instead of Billy Connolly on a plate, you get the mother of all Scottish breakfasts. If you need some recovery time, they do excellent fruit juices, teas and coffees, but the hardier souls out there might want to try a Breakfast Club (vodka, elderflower, pink grapefruit, mint and lemon served in a teapot).
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