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Douro Wine – Portugal’s Most Famous Wines

Produced in Douro Valley, Douro Wine has been praised across the world as one of the best table wines to go along with light dishes.

Although the region is primarily associated with Port wine, Douro Wines are the lesser-known non-fortified wines coming from the Douro Valley. The production of these table-wines started in the 1950s, kicked-off by the oenologist Fernando Nicolau de Almeida Ferreira, who visited Bordeaux (the famous wine region in France) and came to Portugal with the intent to produce a high-quality non-fortified wine.
Meet the Douro Valley
The ancient vineyards that sprout along the magnificent hills of Douro Valley are protected from the Atlantic winds by the surrounding mountains, thus helping keep the summers hot and dry and the winters very cold. Classified as a World Heritage site, the Douro Valley is one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal with breathtaking landscapes and incredible viewpoints to the mountains and the river.
Douro Wine – Types and Flavors
By blending different kinds of selected grapes that are also used to produce Port wine, the producers of Douro wine built a new complexity and variety that adds character to the flavors. When enjoying these amazing bottles, prepare to feel the taste of spring with fruity and floral notes. The Douro non-fortified wines are produced in three types - red, white and rosé – that impeccably fit many light dishes. The table-wine production has been growing considerably since the 1980s and has given way to very refined results over the past 15 years. Due to the production increase during the last few years, Douro wine is considerably cheaper than is was in the past. The price range for a bottle currently is between 5 and 35 euros.
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