Art cities of Belgium

Art cities of Belgium

Where does one indulge him or herself as a lover of art and culture in Belgium? In the grand Belgian cities of art of course! We’ve highlighted especially for you the 3 cities that have the richest heritage in art and history museums in Belgium!

Belgium is an ideal holiday destination if you’re a lover of art or culture vulture. It boasts a rich and artistic selection of art, museums, landmarks and the most beloved Belgian artists! These Belgian art cities are all one of a kind each: Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Mons, Liege, Ghent and Charleroi. Three of them have been especially highlighted just for you.
UNESCO in Antwerp
Antwerp remains a much-loved Belgian destination for tourists. In Antwerp you can find the Museum Plantin-Moretus, home to the best preserved historic printing house. So well preserved in fact that the museum has won a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List! In the museum you will also find ancient manuscripts, books and other historic prints.
“The bigger the better”? This is absolutely the case when speaking of the MAS in Antwerp (also known as the Museum aan de Stroom). The immense building is the largest of its kind in Antwerp. Here you can admire pieces from the former Folklore Museum, Ethnographic Museum and National Maritime Museum.

The Grand Place and major artists in Brussels
With its Flemish-Italian appearance, the Grand Place is undoubtedly the most famous landmark in Brussels. It serves as the heart of the city and stems from the 11th century when executions were mainly carried out here. Today it’s famous for being the most welcoming square in Brussels! The primary museum of Brussels is located there, and so is the ever-impressive King’s House. Plunge into the rich history of the city with plenty of art, archaeology and cultural expositions!
Looking for the finest art in Brussels? Visit the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. From ancient to modern art, from the 15th century to modern day creations. Admire works by Magritte, Ruben, Wiertz and Bruegel in the various museums. Are you looking for artistic wealth in the form of music? Then be sure to visit the Museum of Musical Instruments! Aside being a work of art in itself, you can find over 7,000 different instruments behind the doors of this building.
Ghent: past & present
Diversity is at its best in Ghent. Revel in modern and historic art, as well as in design and textile crafts. The Ghent Design Museum is very centrally located in the city. There, you can see collections of art objects ranging from the 18th century to the art deco period.
History enthusiast? Indulge yourself in the renowned STAM Ghent City Museum. Learn how the city came to be and peer into its future. A few elements that made Ghent a noteworthy city in the past are its trade in linen and wool. Want to find out more? Then be sure to visit the MIAT, the Museum of Industrial Trade and Textiles.

Tip: check current events and exhibitions
When visiting one of Belgium’s cities of art, be sure to check out the museum’s website and city’s event calendars. This way you are up to speed with the latest exhibitions and events of the city. Now venture out and get the most out of your cultural visit!

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